Get to know me!

My Name is Larry Wynn from Mattapan, Ma. I am a elementary school art educator, teaching grades K-5 in Cambridge Public Schools. When teaching, I try to push the love of art to all my students, and give them the tools to change the world through creating.  

I have always loved art, and found it to be one of my passions. All of my pieces are directly connected to my emotions, and my inner self. I find that my inspiration comes from people around me. I really try to capture their beauty and their emotions. I also pull inspiration from the various environments I'm apart of near and far. I try to recreate the feeling of being there, and show that through various layer techniques. 

Thank you for viewing my page. Please Contact me to give thoughts, ideas, and inspirations.


Wheelock College's Annual Student Artist Recipient - 2012

Art Shows

Group Show- W2W Nave Gallery, Sommerville, MA - 2016

Group Show - Discover Quincy, Quincy, MA - 2015

Group Show - Wheelock College Student Show, Boston, Ma- 2010-2014

Permanent Installation

"Forever Growing," Wheelock College Library, Boston, MA